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  • There are simply not enough stars available to illustrate my gratefulness for the work I’ve done with Heidi in the last year. Heidi has not only made be a firm believer in acupuncture and Chinese medicine but she has also revolutionized my life and made it possible for me to successfully conceive a child after it appeared I might be infertile. What’s more, and perhaps most importantly, she has completely opened my mind to new ways of viewing my Bipolar 1 diagnosis, for which, in the previous decade plus, I’d only relied on Western medicine. While one Western medication works wonderfully for me and my unfortunate and serious disorder, my particular preferred medication is lethal to a fetus. As I went off all medication in hopes to conceive, I sunk into depression, anxiety, and frighteningly severe insomnia that ironically threw off my hormones and menstrual cycle, leading to an inability for my husband and I to conceive altogether. After grudgingly trying various Western “pregnancy safe” (not really) medicines to help, like ativan, seroquel, and klonipin, I found myself feeling even worse as the drugs, especially klonopin, actually made me feel more anxious due to their addictive properties. When I walked into her office, it was not out of belief that she could really help me, but sheer desperation and absolute panic I’d never felt before. She just happened to be closest to my house. It took only one session with Heidi for me to finally experience one day in which I felt a little like me again; by the third session, I was successfully able to kick the medications that weren’t working and focus on my life with an awakened mind. By the fifth or sixth session, along with yoga and meditation, I was sleeping well and feeling good, and we started working not only on my moods but also my fertility problems (by that time I had only had one period in six months). While the western infertility specialists were recommending invitro for our situation, Heidi assured me that in another three or four months, it might be possible for us to conceive on our own with her help. She was more right than she realized! I discovered I was pregnant only about three or four weeks after that! Although I did have to remain on a practically homeopathic dose of lithium to maintain some balance for my disorder (a previously problematic drug for me that’s much safer for pregnancy than my usual standby…to which Heidi also helped me transition successfully), seeing Heidi on an almost weekly basis throughout the pregnancy allowed me to achieve the physical and metaphysical balance I needed to avoid having to take potentially harmful doses that might seriously effect our baby. I HIGHLY recommend both the acupuncture she offers and the Chinese medicine (teas and tea pills) if you are suffering from infertility or mood disorders or addiction! My western doctors really made us believe that carrying a child with my background would be nearly impossible. Today is my baby’s due date, and thanks to Heidi, I honestly have never felt so good (if a little like a whale!). I will be continuing with acupuncture after my baby is born, and I will continue to recommend her to any friend who is suffering from any kind of ailment. Professional, personal, affordable, caring, gentle, and skillful, Heidi will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about your body that you’ve probably never thought about before. Moreover, she is a very good listener and will take time to really hear what you need. After a few sessions, I felt a strong trust in Heidi, and over the months, I learned to see her as gifted healer. Oh, and, perks of the office? I have also worked with Katy a handful of times when my schedule did not gel with Heidi’s, and I found her bubbly personality and focus on some massage and deep breathing to be equally helpful. Plus, Maria at the front desk is patient and good humored while the office itself exudes a quiet exhale of calm. …Clearly, one couldn’t ask for more. Note: This is my first yelp review, and it will be my only review with this name as I’m including some personal information that I’d like to remain anonymous (with great hope that I can help others like myself…).


  • Heidi is an incredible profession in chinese herbal medicine & accupunture. I highly recommend her for back issues and fertility treatment. My husband and I were on the verge of getting help through a fertility clinic to get pregnant and on our appointment date, we found out we were pregnant. I contribute our success on the treatment I received through Heidi. Heidi has helped me on three levels; back pain, pregnancy and stress relief. Heidi is a very compassionate person and work with my busy work schedule. She is an incredible sweet lady, her service is excellent!!! Thank you Heidi for your guidance, help and support 🙂


  • 5.0 star rating 4/23/2014 I highly recommend Heidi!!! She is very sweet, understanding and really cares for you. I was hesitant to see an acupuncture specialist at first but once I saw her, I have lost the fears or doubts I may of had in the past. I have been told to have surgeries and she has been able to help me to the point of not having the need to have surgeries anymore. I’m so thankful to her!!!!!! I truly recommend her to everyone I know!!!!!


  • 5.0 star rating12/2/2009 Heidi is amazing. I started acupuncture for a chest cold I couldn’t get rid of and three years later I’m still seeing Heidi for anything from stress to sports injuries to allergies. Heidi is clinical and professional while very warm and caring. Anyone who has thought about acupuncture but has been reluctant to try it – Heidi is your answer! And she takes insurance. I can’t have enough praise for Heidi.


  • 5.0 star rating 9/12/2009 Heidi is truely amazing! I have been dealing with Insomnia and anxiety on and off for the last few years, and the last few months have been the worst! I saw Heidi about a month ago and she has helped me 100% right away with my insomnia as well as learning about my body. She is so easy to talk to and very understanding of women’s issues and problems.


  • 5.0 star rating 4/23/2014 I highly recommend Hedi!!! She is very sweet, understanding and really cares for you. I was hesitate to see an acupunture specialist at first but once I saw her, I have lost the fears or doubts I may of had in the past. I have been told to have surgeries and she has been able to help me to the point of not having the need to have surgeries anymore. I’m so thankful to her!!!!!! I truly recommend her to everyone I know!!!!!


  • I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but unfortunately throughout my adult life I’ve lived with chronic pain due to arthritis. I’m now in my late 60’s, and I’ve chosen to be free of medications of any kind. However, due to frequent, severe headaches, painful joints, very poor sleep, and most recently radiating wrist and thumb pain, I was really concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep working at my job. I’m also responsible for the care of my elderly mother, so I need to be able to function! Thanks to Karen’s acupuncture and herbal treatments, all of these issues have changed significantly. My headaches are greatly reduced both in intensity and frequency, my ability to walk longer distances without pain is enormously improved, and I’m thrilled to say my wrist and thumb pain is virtually gone. And I’m sleeping better! If you’re looking for a skillful acupuncturist who truly listens to your concerns and goes the extra mile to help you feel good again, go to Karen!


  • I have been treated by Karen Zojaji for several months. I was hesitant at first, having not experienced in depth acupuncture treatment. During my treatment with Karen, I experienced many positive results, especially with Asthma and recurring pain. Karen Zojaji is a very experienced and caring licensed Acupuncturist. Her approach is very warm , and encompasses the whole person. She is very thorough in explaining your personalized treatment plan and the possible use of Herbs. The Herb Clinic she utilizes is convenient and FDA approved. I highly recommend Karen Zojaji. I believe you will not be disappointed.


  • Karen is the best acupuncturist I think I could ever find. She is extremely thorough and caring and effective. She really goes out of her way for her patients. She looks up any and all possible drug interactions that even a doctor or a pharmacist could overlook by not spending the time. She studies everything she does and all information that you give her about yourself. She really goes the extra mile and you can feel how much she cares in her demeanor and the care you receive. Over the last 3 1/2 months, she has taken my really stressful situations and illness and calmed everything down in a way I never even knew was possible. She also takes time to explain everything to me. She custom writes out instructions for me to use certain spices to help specific symptoms in particular ways and they work far better than what I could get at the drug store. She gives the best healing massages and I also love the calming effects of the cupping she does at the end of many sessions. She’s really gone out of her way and I can tell she has that same commitment with all of her patients. If you want a great acupuncturist who also cares about you, Karen Zojaji is your woman for the job.


  • Not only does Karen work miracles, but she is kind, thoughtful, and incredibly caring. She is very knowledgeable and you wont be able to find someone better than her.